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We carry many Free Trade products and many of our gift lines are devoted to all natural product lines, recycled materials and companies that give back to our community and help those in need.

Her are just a few of our merchandise lines! Hope to see you soon!

Bridget, Stasia, Ann, Mara and Kristen

PaddyWax Eco Green Candles

Social responsibility gets a clever, recycled remake with our ECO Green Collection. Featuring upcycled wine bottle containers, triple-milled shea butter in our olive oil soap, and smartly designed packaging including exclusive wood veneer tubes. Our ECO Green Collection comes in eight glorious and guiltless fragrances.

Rewined Candles

Each candle has been handcrafted from a repurposed wine bottle with natural soy wax. The fragrance has been carefully blended to mimic the flavors and aromas found in your favorite varietals of wine. Handmade in Charleston, SC.

Voluspa Candles

To burn a Voluspa candle is to be introduced to a world of excellence in fragrance and candle light that delights the senses and adds luxury to everyday living. Voluspa is devoted to providing clean burning and potently fragrant candles renowned in the industry. Voluspa's creamy coconut wax blend enhances fragrance throw, burns ultra clean, and delights consumer’s worldwide.

Paperblanks Journals

Some of our favorite journals come from Paperblanks' Embellished Manuscript Collection. These unique journals portray the work of some of the greatest writers, thinkers and artists of all time. These reproductions of excerpts of original manuscripts, letters, scores and drawings provide a glimpse into the creative process of figures such as William Shakespeare, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Vincent van Gogh. We may draw inspiration from world art and culture – but to us, being a Global Citizen means much more than this. We aim to be innovative and useful, not just in the products we bring to you, but in the way we exist in the world. Every year, Paperblanks® contributes to a diverse range of social programs and agencies. We believe that in order to nourish creativity, yours and ours, we must also be socially and environmentally responsible citizens. Therefore, we emphasize projects and organizations that produce tangible results at the community level, particularly in the areas of education, literacy, health and social services. Some of our charities include: Nepal Library Foundation, WriteGirl, and SEVA Canada.

Moleskine Journals

Moleskine brings back to life the legendary notebook used by artists and thinkers over the past two centuries: among them Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, and Bruce Chatwin. The quest for aesthetics and quality is our primary ethical commitment. Our primary ethical commitment outside of the company involves lettera27, a non-profit foundation working on behalf of a universal right to education and access to knowledge, everywhere on earth and especially in the world's most deprived and underdeveloped areas.

"Write It Down" by Journals Unlimited, Inc.

This unique series is the hottest selling and most expansive line of theme journals on the market! They are wildly successful due to their trademark easy to fill in format and wide variety of titles, available in various sizes. The journals are proudly printed in the USA on acid free recycled paper with a durable hard cover and a hand crafted look.

Waste Not Paper Products

FRIENDLY | Environmental Stewardship
The majority of waste not paper products have always come from mills that have a commitment to the environment. “It's part of our core values to make choices and provide options to our customers that honor the world around us. We are as confident as we were 15 years ago that beauty and environment responsibility can go hand-in-hand.

BB Becker

The leading designer of inspirational jewelry for a decade, BB Becker is known for remarkably legible and long-lasting words on jewelry. His engraved jewelry carries messages of love, joy, and peace. Carefully selected quotations are engraved in his wife, Josephine's distinctive handwriting. Each piece of sterling silver in BB's Signature Collection is skillfully handcrafted. A secondary collection, BB Boutique, is available in sterling silver and golden bronze.

Women of the Cloud Forest

Guanacaste, Tears of Saint Pedro, Flamboyant Tree, Western Soapberry - these are just some of the rainforest seeds the artists of the Women of the Cloud Forest use to create different types of earrings, bracelets and necklaces.
Founded in 2001, Women of the Cloud Forest, a Fair Trade project, supplies a never ending range of colors, styles and patterns of beautiful jewelry to many of the leading, zoos, botanical gardens, museums and boutique shops across the country.

Pampeana Art Glass and Green Living Tree Jewelry

Pampeana supports Fair Trade standards for labor, environmentalism and social policy relating to production and distribution of Fair Trade goods. They focus on working with individuals of low education and economical resources providing opportunities that allow them to have a stable environment and help them move from a position of vulnerability to one of security and economic self-sufficiency. Pampeana aims to empower these individuals by encouraging them to become stakeholders in their own organizations and to actively play a wider role in the design and development of handcraft products. Thus far they have employed over 135 artisans. When you purchase a product promoted by Pampeana, you become an ambassador of Fair Trade principles, supporting equality and sustainability.
Small steps in the right direction take us further along our journey to a better world for everyone.

Spirit Lala

Spirit Lala creates handcrafted jewelry that is actually wearable art to adorn the body in a myriad of colors and designs aimed to please the woman who wants to be just a little bit different. Spirit Lala handcrafted jewelry helps the wearer make a bold statement that says ": I am beautiful...I am unique...I am me"!

Peace Love World



it's always about the little things…
Welcome to living colour every day. At iota, we believe colour is a choice—an attitude, a personal adventure into self-expression. As champions of colour and pattern, we reveal brand new ways to practice and celebrate living in full colour. Inspire the colourful life with gifts by om iota. Express your inner voice of colour with stylish iota chic women's accessories. Behold bright and functional iotababy! accessories for modern moms and babies. Develop sustainable habits and create connection through handwritten communication.

Distinctly Himalayan

Distinctly Himalayan Imports is a Tibetan owned and run business based in Rhinebeck, NY, and partnering with socially conscious artisans and manufacturers throughout the Himalaya. Raised in Nepal and India, we have more than just an in-depth knowledge of local cultures and businesses. It is our home, and the people we work with are friends and family. Because of this, our supply side partners are either certified fair trade non-profits, or individual artisans and family run businesses that cannot achieve this status, but still maintain the same high ethical standards.
“Imagination cures the chaos in the heart.” It is a Tibetan proverb our mothers often repeated, perhaps in response to unvoiced questions about our refugee existence. For us, as for our parents, our homeland of Tibet exists only in the imagination, but our heritage and our enduring culture will always provide inspiration for us. An inspiration we hope we can share with you.

Natural Life

Natural life focuses on creating fun stuff girls love with free spirit style and a positive message. Their products inspire girls 8 to 80 to live happy! With each purchase of a Natural Life hemp bag, Natural Life will donate 5% of

Katmandu Imports

Katmandu imports is clothing from Nepal. Explore and buy the clothing apparels of your interest including bohemian and ethnic and clothing. Kathmandu Imports is a company formed by a group of Nepalese immigrants living in Southern California. They import products that are made by artisans living in the Himalayas, paying them fair wages.

Hand Bags

TLC carries bags made from Recycled Saris, Rice bags and Plastic Bottles.

Basic Spirit


We love to design and create products that touch the heart and delight the spirit. We believe in the possibility of a flourishing life for all. Our Giving: In these unique times we invite you to join forces with us and contribute in any and every way to make this world a better place for all. Several of the organizations we have been privileged to help support include: The Nature Conservancy of Canada, The Hunger Project, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Foster Parents Plan, Stephen Lewis Foundation, and Free the Children.

Wendell August

Wendell August Forge is America’s oldest and largest forge, producing hand-wrought ornamental metalware and elegant giftware in aluminum and other metals since 1923. Today Wendell August Forge maintains the same painstaking dedication to heritage and history…to artistry and craftsmanship… to quality American made products…that propelled Wendell August to first open his forge in 1923.

Primitives By Kathy

Primitives By Kathy is a fun and creative way to introduce your favorite inspirational expressions and personality into your home décor. Whether a decorative box signs, a keepsake box, or special pillow, these products provide a welcoming feel to your home through unique messages that brighten the room and lighten the soul. They are perfect gift for any occasion for friends, family, and loved ones.

Vikki Reed - Artist Series

Painting has been a lifelong affair for Vikki. Introduced to watercolor at an early age, she continued to paint as a sideline throughout her education and business career. In 1989, she left her position as Business Manager of the Glendale Surgicenter to pursue painting as her primary passion. The journey that followed continues to bring many challenges, changes and rewards. Vikki’s work is widely collected and she is the recipient of numerous awards. She volunteers her services to benefit the Alzheimers Association. TLC is priveledged to carry a variety of Vikki’s mandalas and chakra heart paintings.

Amaranth Stoneware

The Amaranth Stoneware’s Weatherproof Detours collection is a great way to inject a little humor into your daily life. These weatherproof signs are both durable and attractive which makes them the perfect fixture in your home, garden, or backyard path.

Eangee Home Design

Eangee home design is dedicated to the value of sustainable and fair trade practices. We pride ourselves in our consistent search for better, more renewable and lower impact materials while ensuring the people who make our products receive living wages and work in a dignified environment.

Showoffs Art


Sometimes the inspiration behind a piece of art is as important as the art itself. Madison Atwood is a mentally and physically disabled girl who lives in Brentwood, Tennessee. For Christmas 2006, when Madison was 11 years old, her mom decided that Madison would paint a picture of a heart as a gift for her dad. An artist friend, Holly, outlined a heart in pencil. She gave Madison the paint brush (one color at a time) and Madison started to trace the outline in lots of bright colors. When Holly gave Madison the turquoise colored brush, she turned her back for a second and Madison colored a big circle over the heart! We initially thought the painting was ruined. But as we looked a little closer, it became clear that the “big blob” was the globe, and the whole image was an example of how big God’s love is for our world. Madison’s “Big Heart, Little Globe” has now become the inspiration for our John 3:16 Heart and Globe print. Now, when Madison sees her picture, she says, “Our world is so small but God’s love is so BIG!” What a wonderful reminder!

Glory Haus


In 2008, four friends from Marietta Georgia joined together with a unique dream that art could be meaningful, yet fun. Others have eagerly embraced this idea until it has spread around the country. It is our hope Glory Haus art will do more than bring beauty to your home. We pray that it will also encourage you and bring joy to you, your family and friends.

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